An Evening at the Cartesian Theatre

My name is Ashland, as in Land of Ash. My roots are in Japan, pugs, and ranch wraps. I've dropped the F bomb on Easter Sunday in the family car once, stole a plastic grape from a fruit decoration at a Kmart when I was 7, and jumped off the top platform at the IU pool before given explicit permission from a lifeguard's whistle. I like to live dangerously.

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times, someone has left my blog feeling sexy and satisfied. ...that'swhatshesaid.


photographer Yume Cyan has been shooting some magical long exposure photographs of fireflies in a forested area around Nagoya City, Japan. By keeping the camera’s shutter open at a low aperture Cyan captures every bioluminescent flash of each insect resulting in dotted light trails that criss-cross the frame.

(via grumpylovely)

This sums up my day today.

This sums up my day today.